Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Britain's National Sandwich Week

There is a British Sandwich Association! AND, May 9th through the 15th is British Sandwich Week. As we all know, the inventor of sandwiches is none other than the British demi-god, John Montagu aka the Earl of Sandwich.

Just look at him. The look on his face says. "I feel so good. I just invented sandwiches, I'm bout to pull another one out of my pouch and eat it right now."
Its no wonder why they are the safe keepers of the Sandwich. Kind of like the Majai in The Mummy movies. That keep a safe watch over the sacred tomb of the Pharao.

Their aim is as follows:

"To safeguard the integrity of the sandwich industry by setting technical standards for sandwich making and by encouraging improvement in the industry. To promote excellence and innovation in sandwich making. To provide a source of information for the industry. To promote the consumption of sandwiches. To provide a collective voice for all those involved in making, distributing and retailing sandwiches and to represent the views of the industry." - thesandwich.org/uk

There is also a sandwich Designer of the year every year. This year's sandwich must include these sponsor ingredients:

English Provender - Ploughman’s Plum Chutney
The Cheese Cellar - Leerdammer Lightlife
Moy Park - Corned Beef
Bernard Matthews - Turkey

The International Sandwich & Snack News Magazine is the official journal of the British Sandwich Association.

They have an avacado on the cover, which is a huge coincidence and a perfect segway in to my latest sandwich. In honor of British Sandwich Week:

-wheat bread
-melted mozzerela
-sweet onions

The way the avacado is prepared is the most important part. You mash it up with a fork. Add light amount of olive oil and vinegar and a pinch of salt. I learned it from my family in Chile. spread it right on the bread. If you try it, it will become a staple in your rotation. Along with hummus and a few other spreads it will add another level to your main ingredient. literally.

So heres where you can go to find out about the design challenge and possibly become the turkey sandwich designer of the year:


Big thanks to my mates in England for turning me on to this glorius event.