Monday, February 1, 2010

Eggs in your sandwich

The moment in which Neo found out that the Matrix was fake must have been great, yet horrible all at the same time. For me, putting an egg for the first time on a sandwich was like that... except not horrible. Its all of the glory of a delicious breakfast... inside of a delicious lunch. Your circuits may explode. Its two for the price of one, except they complement eachother like two Ed Mcmahons backstage at the golden globes.

This sandwich is toasted multigrain, light mayo, turkey and eggs with shredded mexican cheese. Then, you add as much tobasco to it as you like. It also must be eaten with chips and salsa. I am incapable of explaining with words how amazing this is. So I highly suggest you make one.

Among the thousands of letters of fan mail that arrive here each weak at Sandwich Blog. I'm going to begin picking a sandwich of the week from your entries. This one however, is the official sandwich of the month sent in by Andres Salaff from Papa New Guniea. Whoa! Congratulations!

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