Friday, March 19, 2010

The world's best sandwich?

Notice the egg. They also stress the importance of chips and a beer. I am a staunch supporter of chips in a sandwich, the beer I don't really advocate since so many sandwiches are eaten at lunch. If this is a luxury that you can afford... then by all means. They are also very specific with every ingredients. I could imagine eating this sandwich in some sort of log cabin after having been stranded in the wilderness for days.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A possible conclusion

I just realized this key factor. There is a piece of bread blocking the flavors from the top and bottom of the mouth! So, there is actually no difference at all! And then everything gets swirled around into one amalgamation of flavor. So, my previous post wasn't wrong... it was just stupid. my condolences.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sandwiches: Right side up?

How careful are you to eat a sandwich right side up? My way of doing it is:

I find myself putting the stronger condiment on top because i've always done it that way... maybe its more flavorful. Also the cheese and veggies are up top for structural purposes; if the veggies were on the bottom then they'd have a higher probablility of falling out. This means that the majority of the flavor is aimed directly at the tastebuds on the roof of your mouth....

This is a diagram of the tastebuds on your tounge.

The center of the tounge does not have too many tastebuds. Therefore, the base of the sandwich, the most stable in terms of structure as well as taste recieves a much more bland experience than the roof of the mouth. I've always thought that my diagram was rightside up. However, Subway restaurants make their sandwiches upside down... how is this possible? Who is right?