Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mixed Vegetable sandwich

Pain rustique bread filled with thinly sliced fennel, celery, radish, red and green bell peppers, aioli (homemade, basil mayonaise), olive tapenade, arugula, hard boiled egg and vinnaigrette.

It sounded promising, but it wasn't. I think the sandwich was refrigerated (pre made). Big mistake, especially when tapenade is the base. Never refrigerate the whole sandwich in open air. Also, they should have garnished the greens with the vinaigrette and added more of the vegetables that have flavor, bell peppers, raddish, etc. I've had sandwiches in which olive tapenade was the base for the sandwich that were pretty good. This was not one of them. This place looks pretty nice and you'd think that when they created the menu someone tried the sandwich to see if it was good. Maybe it was good the first time it was made, when the ingredients were fresh... maybe.
This place is called Zinc's Cafe, everything they make here is vegetarian. If your in Laguna Beach, and your vegetarian it might not be a bad place to go. It seems like they're pretty popular, the veggie burger looked good.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hulk Hogie

I made this for a company potluck. I used two baguettes and chopped them into several slices. They had similar ingredients except for one had genoa salami and provolone, while the other had turkey and swiss. They had mayo, yellow mustard, light onion and lettuce. The key ingredient was a home made balsamic vinagrette.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Squaw bread

I first found out about squaw bread after I moved out to California. Its also known as fry bread. Its kind of sweet and grainy, very fresh tasting. The consistency is chewy, puffy and doughy all at the same time... very unique. I'm a huge fan. The bread was originated by Native Americans in the south west. The word "squaw" comes from the Algonquian language in which it means "woman.'' When used by itself, the word squaw is derogatory towards Native American women (as coined by early settlers in the 1600s), but the terms squaw dance and squaw bread are widely used in Indian country.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Open face it

This sandwich is open faced. It is on a wheat bread baguette from this french baker at the montrose farmers market. Amazing, perfect consistency, perfect flavor, etc... Toasted the bread, added some butter and applied the eggs and fried balogna at my leisure. Sometimes its nice to eat like that. Have a bunch of different meats, cheeses, condiments and veggies. Every bite can be like eating a different sandwich. The combinations are endless.
This sandwich isn't all that special, but I wanted to address the open faced factor. Open faced sandwiches exist in more than one realm. For instance, if you put a thin layer of cold cuts on a baguette and melt cheese on top then its like a french bread pizza right? So, its kinda of like a pizza! And doesn't the word sandwich kind of mean between two things? Its like a sandwich moonlighting as a pizza... or vice versa.

This sandwich is wheat bread with turkey and melted muenster cheese, sweet onions and lettuce. Again, not a special sandwich except for the condiments. Mayo, mustard, red wine vinaigrette and just the right amount of srircacha. The salt and vinegar chips also helped to set it off. The sandwich was a success.