Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Langers, the Queen mother of LA sandwiches

Whenever sandwiches are brought up in Los Angeles, somebody asks "Have you eaten at Langers?" and up until now I've said "No, but I hear its really good." I went there this past weekend and was impressed. They boast the best Pastrami in the world. I don't know anything about pastrami outside the US, but one immediately thinks of New York. There are way more great pastrami joints per square foot over there, obviously. Katz Deli and Carnegie Deli being the most well known. I ate at Katz a few months ago. So, I can now assess them both.
At Langers I had the #1, pastrami with russian dressing and coleslaw on rye.The bread is near perfect, I say near because the crusts are so tough that they risk destroying the whole operation. Sharpen your teeth beforehand. The pastrami wasn't that hot but it was hot enough and went along perfectly with the slaw and russian. This place lived up to its hype, it was an incredible sandwich. Youre so full but you cant stop eating because it tastes so gud.
Katz best item is the pastrami on rye with mustard. The pastrami, since it was fresh cut was nice and hot, fresher than Langer's. They pile it on really high, like "heart attack" high. I had to divide the meat into two sandwiches. Their rye is good too, I can't remember which was better, probably Katz's. The reason the sandwich is so good is because the pastrami really flavorful, so all you need is bread and mustard. But there strength is also there weakness, the pastrami is so salty that they can't pull off the russian dressing combos like Langer's.
At the end of the day I'm gonna go with Langer's because I could see myself eating there more often. Its a more complex sandwich. The ingredients complement eachother perfectly. Katz is really good, but too much meat and too salty... for my taste anyways.
Langers is at 704 South Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057


  1. Great post, I haven't tried Langers yet but pastrami on rye is my favorite sandwich. Andres, if you haven't reviewed "Bay Cities" in Santa Monica yet I suggest you get out here and try it. Their signature sandwich is "The Godmother", I would get the large with the works and spicy. Truly exceptional...
    Great post- Romney

  2. Romney, thanks man! i will definitely try Bay Cities. i'll hit you up to see if your down to roll.

  3. Second that! I've been working on the west side and still haven't tried Bay Cities?? Hit me up when you guys are going and make that three ;). Andres, if you're further down in that area, you should definitely try the Herb Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella, Pesto, Arugula, Ciabatta sandwich at Lemonade in Venice. I went there last week and it was DELISH. Also try Cafe Surfas in Culver city if your in the area, they have great paninis!!

  4. Melvina, You got it... I'm always up for a good panini.