Saturday, July 30, 2011

This week in sandwiches pt. II

The Red Scooter Deli is in Paso Robles. We went there for lunch because it had a huge sign on it that said LUNCH. Their tactic worked. Its in a really nice little park downtown. I was in the mood for something fresh. So, I got "The Bird" which consists of turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese, seeds, lettuce and sprouts on wheat. Theoretically, it should have been good. The cranberry sauce was more like strawberry jam and the turkey tasted like it came from an oscar myer package(no offense to the myer family.) They should have bombarded it with more sprouts and cream cheese. That sammy is for the birds.
Sunha got the breakfast croisant sandwich. It was amazing! Almost too good, like when you're three quarters of the way in and it almost over powers your taste buds. I would go back there if I ever had the chance in hopes of redeeming myself. Maybe they'll come with some adequate meat next time. Its at 110 Pine Street, Paso Robles , Ca 93446

This is a chicken salad sandwich made by Sunha's mom. I was spoiled when she came here to visit. She's an amazing cook. The chicken salad was made from scratch with almond slivers. She even picked a perfect wheat roll. She emptied out some of the bread so that she could fit more chicken salad in it, that deserves some sort of award. She decided to start a blog about her food and gets like 500 hits a day, which is not bad, considering I only get like 5,000... hits...haha (crusty the clown sigh.)

This is a Sandwich from the The Viking Restaurant in Solvang. What you see here is a Danish sandwich. Pork and sauerkraut and beets! Yaaay? No, boooo! It tasted like a vikings shoe that stepped on some pork and sauerkraut. (I still ate the whole thing.) It'd be nice to eat an authentic one of these some day, it has all the right ingredients right down to the pumpernickle bread. 1684 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang

This lovely burger is called the Blue Cheer. Its from the grillemall burger truck. Cranberry sauce and blue cheese pulled off with the greatest of ease. It even has chips on it. I'm on board for this one. Check em out!!/grillemalltruck


  1. wow........
    sunha's mom made the chiken sandwich~ I ate~! in korea. ^^ it was delicious~^^

    Solvang sanwich~~ I remember~! ^^ HEHEHE^^

    Blue Cheer..........oh~! no~!! ㅠ.ㅠ
    I've been so hungry. Quickly to sleep~^^;;;
    Bye bye~!

  2. I love sandwiches!!

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