Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My # 1 Sandwich: The Texas Tornadoe

In my last post, sandwichblog reader Madmax Winston brought a restaurant to my attention which advertised the "worlds best sandwich." I found it only appropriate to address this issue and bring out the BIG GUNS!

The idea of a best sandwich is a proposterous notion because taste belongs to the individual. For different cultures there are, of course, different tastes. But, all social mores aside, its subjective.
My personal favorite sandwich is the Texas Tornadoe, I first created it about 10 years ago while working at Katinger's deli in Columbus, Oh. (if your ever in the area I reccomend it.) Katinger's is a Jewish establisment and didnt have an italian sub. I quickly made one for myself and others. It was originally on french bread to give it more of a hoagie feel. One day, wrapped up for a fellow employee, a buddy of mine drew an old, long pistol on it, scrawled along the bottom were the words "Texas Tornadoe." The name stuck even after it evolved into a croissant. In short, it has nothing to do with texas or tornadoes, but what the hell? It sounds cool...

The ingredients to this taste bud tantalizer are as follows:

-croissant (toasted)
-balsamic vinnagrette (preferably homemade)
-genoa salami (or even better; soppresata)
-roma tomatoes
-red onion
-spinach leaves

I substituted a couple of items out of convenience as clearly seen in the photos. But it was still incredible. You'll walk around with a satisfied smirk on your mug if you do it right. Moderation is key, you dont want to over do it with any one item.
So thats my number one sammy. So give it a go, let me know what you think. Substitute, rearrange, displace, and most inportantly do what you like beacause the "best sandwich" is in YOUR hands!


  1. I just found this blog. These sandwiches look awesome! and really transportable; good for lunches!

    In the impossible competition for the (subjectively) best sandwich, i feel that Ike's Place in San Francisco is worth mentioning. If you ever find yourself in the area, as a lover of sandwiches i HIGHLY reccomend it.

  2. Thanks Lissa! If I'm ever in SF, I'll definitely check out Ike's!