Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whats in YOUR fridge?

Ok bawlers, today I was flying blind into lunch... No preconcieved menu for the day. It was improv time. upon opening the fridge, I noticed I still had salami left from the Texas Tornadoes. I also had hamburger buns from burgers. But we won't get into burgers just yet, theres a heated debate as to which family our flame broiled brothers belong to (repeat three times fast.) I also had shredded mexican cheese. It was toaster time.

I toasted the salami under the cheese because I was using a bun, which garuantees that the bottom won't be soggy. On a side note, I also seperated every slice of salami before laying it down. I don't know if its placebo or actually tastes way better when you do that. Feel free to comment on this. I think it has something to do with the air seperating it and the density of the sandwich. Fast forward:

I luckily had the three wisemen on hand; onion lettuce and tomatoe. Now, French's yellow mustard and salami is a holy matrimony like Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman. Exquisite... Down to the last bite!


  1. this looks like an amazing experiment! you're defying law and order yet you make it work!

  2. Thanks Derek Evanick, a good sandwich can be above all things, including law and order.

  3. Dude, this is great! My Brother used to live by this place thats "suppose" to have the best sandwichs in L.A. It's called Larchmont Village Wine Spirits & Cheese, always wanted to go, we should hit it up sometime.


  4. Hit me up Chris, lets do the damn thing!


  6. My fav sammi of the bunch Mr S. I like the make it work can do approach.

    I gotta say the bread cheese and lunch meat of choice as of late for yourstruly, which I am nervous to admit on this blog -0-sammiephile s is the flat bread at (cringing) subway. Ham and turkey double meat with Amercian tosated* - lettuce, red onions, pickles , black olives, a touch a' S&P,and a generous application of mayo

    bangers and mash, my friend. bangers and mash.

    keep up the posting. love it-


  7. YeeeEEEEhaaaw Druski!

    Bradford, you know as well as everybody else that their aint nothing wrong with subway. Matter of fact, its great. It takes a big man to admit this and I applaud you for it. The cool thing about subway is that your directing your own sandwich, making the calls and monitoring your vocal tonalities. Your sandwich sounds larger than life. Much like you...
    BIG UP!

  8. i do agree with the separating of the salami before laying it down, as this will ensure premium pleasurement, i do with all my sanwich meats as well. i find this method of meat placement is best relatable to a good "three way". Yes, you want the girls to be touching each other but if they're all over each other, then you begin to feel a little left out of the whole experience.