Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roman's "A world of sandwiches"

On Ventura blvd in sherman oaks there exists another world... made entirely of sanwiches. Well, not really, but thats the slogan. I had driven by Roman's several times before and remember being thoroughly enticed by the notion. Today was the day. I woke up with a hunger from down under and decided to give it a whirl.
I noticed a rather large group of eastern european women at a table. These women have been cooking delicious meals throughout their whole lives, this was a promising sign, seeing that they were patronizing Roman's and must have pretty high standards.
My attention was also grabbed by the free salad/ condiment bar equipped with slaw, shredded carrots and a couple of other salads... not too shabby! I'm definately not one to pass up some free slaw and if your taking the time to read this, chances are, neither are you...

Roman's is also a bakery which often insures good bread. I went with the turkey club. The pieces of turkey were sliced large reminisent of Boston Market. A tad bit dry, but they made up for it with the fresh salad (balsamic) to help wash it down. Plus I threw some yellow mustard on it which goes a long way. Overall I'd give the sammie a 7.5 out of 10. not half bad. They also have a wide assortment of wraps, salads and thin crust pizza. All in all the experience was pretty fun. So if your ever in this neck of the woods, the address is 15100 Ventura blvd by the sepulveda intersection. Chow!


  1. dude you should check out this other sanwich guy too! he cuts them in half and scans them for his site. scanwiches.com

  2. that guy is freakin awesome.