Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Battle of the Submarine's: Part one

First of all, I would like to state how proposterous this is. Me, comparing and contrasting submarine sandwiches on the west coast when everybody and they momma know... Subs are an east coast phenomena. That being said, let's do this.
Ladies and gentleman! The underdog, coming by way of Los Angeles, Ca, 1 foot long, a couple of pounds of thinly sliced roast beef, with a whole mess of onions tomatoes and pickles... its... Santoro's roast beef sandwiiiich!

And now, directly below me, its the crowd favorite, coming by way of Manasquan, New Jersey, 10 inches of Provolone, ham, prosciuttini and cappacuolo, its Jersey MIke's Super Sub!

Round 1: At first bite, Santoro's rb sub had me fooled. The shower of oils, spices and herbs sent me into a tailspin of exhiliration. But a couple of bewildering bites in, any sense of distinct flavor was gone. My taste buds had been bamboozled..

Jeresy Mike's super sub is a nation wide favorite. I pretty much bit in to what I expected... a highly delicious sub. The young lady that built the sub also showered what seemed to be an absurd amount of oil and vinegar on it. The meats are sliced directly upon ordering, which makes a difference. The ingredients are all very fresh... impressive for a chain.

Half Time

Round 2: Santoro's ended up being a dissapointment. They added so much to it that the flavors cancelled eachother out. The marinated onions and tomatoes had probably been sitting there for a while. In their defense, they are a neighborhood favorite. Its probably a question of knowing what and how to order. Plus if I had wanted to make this a fair fight I could have gotten the Italian from Santoro's too. Apparently the steak and egg sandwich from there is amazing, but I had an egg sandwich for breakfast... so, you know.

Its no wonder why Jersey Mike's has achieved so much notoriety in such a brief amount of time. There are now 300 JMs nationwide. They manage to maintain a good product with any old employee making the sandwich. Afterall, isnt that what makes a successful chain? Making it so that no matter who is preparing it, the ingredients and game plan are so air tight, that it can't be screwed up?

Winner: Jersy Mikes! I know, its kind of a David and Goliath thing. Don't get me wrong, the last thing I want to do is rag on the little guy. But theres a reason why Jersey Mike is riding a jet ski right now, wearing a dookie thick gold chain and shining his keester with hundred dollar bills... the man can make a sandwich.

Santoro's is on 1423 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506

Check out Santoro's online

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  1. Just a suggestion for the future:

    This picture has been circulating around the internet, and I can personally confirm that this sandwich is surprising and delicious(but you don't have to take my word for it).

  2. Its fasccinating how they toast just the middle slice. I'll definately try that out. PBJ is one of the cornerstones of the american diet and becomes more and more underrated the older you get. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Team Diana.

  3. Dude, your blog has competition...

    Always lookin' out,
    Chris Wilson

  4. Thanks dude, they look like theyre having fun!