Monday, November 9, 2009

Ode to sandwiches #1

Blog reader Trevor Bergamont asked me to publish one of his poems. Here ya go Trevor!

Two slices of bread Two slices of bread
I want to put them in my head

I mean in my mouth or on the couch
I wish I had a sandwich pouch

O wait, I do
Its called my stomach
Hot cheese on sunday, ya I love it

I eat a sandwich then take a nap
Then get up later to take a crap

He eats a sandwich for lunch and then one for dinner
Two in one day? put him away that mans a sinner!

I'll eat one on a bun or one on a bagel
Theres room for those two under my navel

A sanwich a sandwich, give me a dose cheap
with lettuce and tomato and tender roast beef

- Trevor Bergamont

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