Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Turkey sandwich post

"Wow its so good." "Its like the most important time of year for turkey sandwiches because of the turkey leftovers" is what I said while eating my sandwich today. You have to to talk about post thanksgiving turkey sandwiches when addressing the overall scope of sandwich eating. Leaving that out would be like leaving out Judge Mathis when talking about decent day time TV.
You see that plastic bag in the background? That has some asian cole slaw in it. I ended up putting that on my sandwich, it has raddish and carrot. I was like "this is amazing!" Then I realzed that its what they put on Vietnamese sandwiches. So the sandwich transformed half way through. BOING!


  1. Then I was like "Uhuh uhuh" "Oh yeah!" "Funky fresh!" "Whip it!"

  2. that sanchwich makes me ready for a nap. it's beautiful.

  3. That sounds pretty dang tasty. My latest Thanksgiving-related creation: stuffing bread (basically a loaf of bread with stuffing spices in it; you're supposed to cube it or whatever to make stuffing), sauerkraut, organic roast beef, and swiss cheese. I tried putting condiments on it but they just blocked out the flavor of the bread.

  4. O yea o yeah uh huh...

    D-rock, it was like eating a rembrandt painting, except delicious.

    Bethany, you are blowing my mind right now. I can't believe you used stuffing bread, you are an outlaw! and then sauerkraut! Holy Bajeezus!

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