Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hawaiian Sweet Bread

Hawaiian sweet bread is amazing for sandwiches. Sweet and salty has been a reoccuring theme throughout the ages (ie: barbeque, teryiaki, ketchup, etc...)This sandwich has rost beef, provolone, onion, mayo and mustard... a classic combination which won't dissapoint you, "I guarantee it."
Also, in just about every pic on this blog there are chips present. Chips are just about as important as the condiments. As soon as there are about three bites left I put the chips inside of the sandwich, its like getting a whole new sandwich toward the end... and you can dip it in salsa. This is an instinctual act which is practically ingrained in our DNA. In 2007 Taco Bell capitalized on this crunch factor with the ever popular Crunch Wrap Supreme (not to be confused with the hip hop emcee of the same name.)


  1. No way, I just started using King's Hawaiian Hawaiian Sweet Rolls for a sandwiches last week! Honey ham, swiss cheese and French's yellow mustard (though Inglehoffer Sweet & Spicy works well too). Sorta reminds me of Christmas dinner. I agree about the chip thing, I usually need some crunch in my sandwich, be it lettuce, sprouts, chips, onion, or whatever. Their saltiness really enchances the flavor as well.

  2. Awesome! Sounds like a wonderful combo. Its true that along with the crunch, the added saltiness really wrestles your taste buds around (in a good way.) Maybe thats why you take mostly normal bites. Good call on the lettuce crunch ,iceburgh'll do it.