Thursday, April 22, 2010


Isn't there something written about this in the bible or Nostradamus' predictions? Where the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride in to town with double chicken breast, bread replacement sandwiches?! Who ok'd this? People think that this is ok to eat because... They tell us its ok. We're all getting hot dogged. We embrace debauchery, Conan The Barbarian is governor. . We're just letting it happen too (Berlin 1936.) Whats next, chocolate chip chicken... Oh well, who wants a McRib?


  1. The Mayans predicted this in their calendar... Look it up!

  2. Good show Derek. Newly found evidence has revealed that various Mayan sacrfices were performed by suffocating the victim with two chicken breasts. This practice was known as "Poqnual" or, in english, "double chicken breast armageddon."