Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fatburger............Wait! WHat?

You may be thinking to yourself "What the fuck?! Burgers aren't sandwiches. What the heck are burgers doing on the sandwich bl...." Sometimes in life you have to take sides on what you believe in. Burgers are in fact sandwiches, albeit the fat, black sheep uncles of the sandwich family. When one thinks of sandwiches, burgers don't immediately come to mind. But if you still have doubts about burgers being sandwiches, please refer to the packaging of oreo cookies. It says "creme filled sandwiches." And by golly, if oreos are sandwiches than burgers are too dag nabbit. On a side note, have you ever noticed that oreos have little flowers printed on them? wierd.

In the early 90s, the whole nation learned what Fatburger was because of Ice Cube's ballad "Today was a good day." I've been in California for close to five years and never never had one. My first one was today and it really tipped the scales... on the sandwich v burger debate. I got thing to go and the bread wasnt soggy, even with an ungodly amount of ingredients. They even ask you what condiments you want on it. The hype is true my friends. They've recently been opening up new franchises in Arizona, Texas, the middle east and asia. These guys clearly don't half step.


  1. You are right, burgers are sandwiches. There have been a lot of burger places opening up 'round these parts, some local, some part of a larger chain: Walk-In Burgers, Hamburger Stand (franchised as part of Weinerschnitzel), Five Guys, Good Times, Larkburger, Smash Burger, Culver's, and yes, even Fatburger. And yet I still pine for In N Out...le sigh.

  2. Thanks for that insight Bethany! I can always count on you to enlighten us from your side of the continental divide. If there was only some way I could beam you up an in and out burger. We're not that far from star trek technology. I mean, we already figured out skype and you know the government is hiding fazers from us.